Perinatal Workshops


A series of one-day workshops run regularly at the weekend in various locations across London are aimed to give a taster and improve areas of interest, whilst providing practical skills to manage maternal mood by reducing fear and worry.


Course materials will be influenced by cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness practice. The workshops will provide opportunities to meet other new or expectant mothers or couples to develop peer support, normalise concerns and overcome obstacles that may influence pregnancy and birth in an undesired way.


For further details on fees, location, dates and times please contact me.

Making the Most of Motherhood


1. What is Post Natal Depression (PND)?


2. Model of PND.


3. How our thoughts impact our mood.


4. Why do I have PND and how can I make changes to improve it?


5. Relaxation and Mindfulness.


6. Problem Solving.

7. Action Planning.


Hypnobirthing Condensed


1. The physiology of labour.


2. Getting ready for the baby.


3. Birth preferences.


4. Onset of labour.


5. Hallmarks of labour.


6. Action Planning.

Overcoming Fear of childbirth


1. Understanding your birthing body.


2. Relaxation & Mindfulness.


3. Managed care during labour.


4. Building a family and preparing for birth together.


5. Bonding with bump.


6. Action Planning – planning ahead.


Making the Most of Pregnancy


1. Wellbeing during pregnancy.


2. Finding a balance.


3. Managing relationship.


4. Getting to know your baby.


5. Health and lifestyle.


6. Action Planning – planning ahead.



Preparing for Parenthood


1. What to expect when expecting.  


2. Expectations about life with a baby.  


3. Preparing for change – anticipate baby’s arrival.


4. Identifying needs and accessing support.


5. Communication – maintaining relationship harmony.


6. Action Planning – planning ahead.


Developing a Compassionate Mind for pregnant and new mothers 


1. Understanding our complicated brains.


2. Mindfulness.


3. Compassion.


4. Use of imagination.


5. Action Planning.



Breastfeeding Support


1. Understanding your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 


2. Breast is not always ‘Best’


3. Exploring expectations and beliefs concerning Breast Feeding.


4. Acceptance and letting go.


5. Developing a compassion mindset.


6. Focus on the future.



Often there is pressure on women to breastfeed in society from various sources including health care professionals, relatives, partners or self-imposed expectations.


There is exposure to slogans in society such as ‘breast is best’. However, for those who choose not to breast feed or experience difficulties, a feeling of failure or inadequacy is often reported. Women stating ‘I’m not able to feed my baby, I’m a failure’ is something regularly heard and something that no mother should feel or believe!


If you are struggling, have struggled, couldn’t get started or decided to stop breastfeeding and feel distress as a result, you now have the opportunity to meet other mothers in the same situation as well as benefit from psychological intervention. The aim of this workshop is to overcome this phase, move forward to enjoy motherhood and your baby.